Sunday, November 16, 2008

Accu-Chek Cyclebetes Lap-a-Thons

Cyclebetes 2009 – Students get Active and Build Socially Responsible Values
Elementary School Lap-a-Thon

Attention Elementary Administrators
This is an extraordinary opportunity for your students! Cyclebetes 2009 is an exciting, multi-level cycling event benefiting the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). It will be launched in Canada, the US and Australia in November 2008. The Cyclebetes Elementary Lap-a-Thon is a program that has been carefully developed to provide an opportunity for physical activity and a fun, interactive values education platform.

Canadian elementary students:
Get Active
Get Moving
Get Healthy
Build Community
Develop Socially Responsible Values
Learn about Candian Heroes and Canadian History

Take a sneak peek at The Cyclebetes Lap-a-Thon Educator Guide & Tool Kit:

Cyclebetes Elementary Lap-a-Thon offers full support to schools:
Cyclebetes Elementary Lap-a-Thon Educator Guide and Tool Kit
Online forums for Teachers
The Cyclebetes National Support Team a mouse click or phone call away!

Please take the time to review the program. We hope you will see the value of participating in this extraordinary event.

If you would like to register your school or have questions please contact:
Cheryl Wilson – Stewart - Cyclebetes Director of School Initiatives

Find out more about Cyclebetes 2009.

Please pass this on to anyone you know that might help spread the word.

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Accu-Chek Cyclebetes Spin-a-Thons

Cyclebetes 2009 - Build Student Leaders Today!
Secondary School 24 hour Spin-a-Thon

This is an extraordinary opportunity for your students! Cyclebetes 2009 is an exciting, multi-level cycling event benefiting the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). It will be launched in Canada, the USA and Australia in November 2008. The Cyclebetes 24 hour Secondary Spin-a-Thon is an extraordinary aspect that builds student leaders and unites communities.

Young people who believe in themselves know they have the power to affect positive change. Their leadership and keen sense of responsibility will guide people and shape communities today and tomorrow.

This is the guiding principle behind the Cyclebetes 24 hour Secondary Spin-a-Thon which promotes student leadership, social responsibility and builds awareness of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).

Youth Leadership – Health & Wellness - Strong, United Communities
This is a student led event and an outstanding opportunity for your school and community!

The Cyclebetes Secondary Spin-a-Thon was piloted in March 2008 by Rockridge Secondary, West Vancouver, BC. Watch this Message for Administrators from Vice Principal Ian Kennedy.

Hear what Rockridge student leaders have to say:

Cyclebetes offers full support to schools and students:
Cyclebetes Spin-a-Thon Student & Educator Guide
Online mentor forums
The Secondary Spin 10 Steps to Success video – hosted by the Rockridge crew!
The Cyclebetes National Support Team is a mouse click or phone call away!

Find out more! Here’s a sneak peek at The Cyclebetes 24 hour Secondary Spin-a-Thon Student & Educator Guide.

Register your school today – shape the leaders of tomorrow!
If you would like more information or have questions please contact:
Cheryl Wilson – Stewart - Director of School Initiatives

Pass this on to everyone you know that can help.

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Accu-Chek Cyclebetes is rolling!

To all Team H2V Supporters:

The Legacy of Team H2V lives!

Accu-Chek Cyclebetes 2009 is the legacy of Team H2V – built on the themes of the founding event - community, responsibility, community and promise

Accu-Chek Cyclebetes 2009 promises to be extraordinary.

The Provincial Relay – (August – September) 5 person provincial teams pass the ‘torch’ - a vial of lifesaving insulin at provincial borders.

The Secondary 24 hour Spin-a-Thon (February – March) students have the opportunity to develop true leadership potential by hosting an event in their community.

The Elementary Lap-a-Thon (April – May) students get active and moving and learn socially responsible values from The Legacy Builders.

Currently we are launching the Secondary Spin- a-thon and Elementary Lap-a-Thon to schools across Canada and the United States. As supporters of Team H2V you can help! These are outstanding, innovative programs that not only build awareness and generate funds for the JDRF but aim to prepare an entire generation for healthy, productive, successful living.

We will be forwarding 2 more blog posts – they provide information on both programs. Take a look – explore and then please forward, by cutting and pasting into an email program, to friends and local educators so that they too will be made aware of this extraordinary resource!
Together we can build a healthy, positive future.
Delivering on a Promise. Cure Juvenile Diabetes

Live to ride.
Willie Cromack - Team H2V rider - CEO Cyclebetes
phone: 604.808.8547

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Cyclebetes is growing!!!

It's happening! Our Cyclebetes Facebook group is growing. We have big goals, and we need your help! Our membership grew after the first post to this blog, so we thought we'd try again. If you aren't on Facebook yet, or are and haven't joined our group, please get on there and help us reach our initial goal of 1,000 members! Please ask all of your friends to do the same. We know that so many of you are looking for ways to contribute to Cyclebetes and this is a great opportunity to become a Champion and make a difference.

We'll keep you informed of our progress...the extraordinary is beginning to happen!

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cyclebetes is on Facebook!

In our quest to make Cyclebetes an extraordinary success, we've created a group on Facebook. The group is simply titled "Cyclebetes", and is open to anybody who chooses to join.
If you are currently a Facebook participant, please take a minute to join and then invite all of your friends to do the same.

Please help us spread the word!!

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Become a Cyclebetes Champion and Make History

Cyclebetes: The biggest bike relay in the world.

Delivering on a Promise. Cure Juvenile Diabetes.

  • It's here!! The Cyclebetes CUPPA' Stand Kit is ready and we need Champions!
  • Cyclebetes CUPPA' Stand Champions are volunteers willing to participate in our pilot program this August.
  • You and your stand could be featured on our official CUPPA’ Stand package next year!
  • Young children have the opportunity to learn, make a difference and support Cyclebetes in their communities by hosting their own drink stand.
Kids get started on a great path of charitable work early….understanding they have the ability to contribute, make a difference and help others!
The Cyclebetes CUPPA’ Stand Tool kit provides everything kids need to run a successful drink stand including set-up, safety, recipes, how to publicize, engage local media and raise Cyclebetes awareness.
Imagine knowing – right from the beginning – you are a Champion!

To participate, post a comment and we'll contact you, or email Kim Hexter at Please take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity to imprint a powerful message in the youngest members of your community.

How else can you help?

Cyclebetes is looking for Champions!

Who are ready to be a part of something extraordinary and deliver on a Promise.

Sponsor Champions – extraordinary opportunities for Cyclebetes sponsors. High profile in all 4 streams…media attention X4….strong, highly visible message of social responsibility and community building.

Provincial Champions - lead the charge in their province. Provincial Champions will work with our National Cyclebetes team. Extraordinary opportunity to be a part of the core team.

School Champions – bring the school programs to life in their community. School Champions will work with our National School Coordinator. Extraordinary opportunity to bring physical activity, leadership and a socially responsible values education to Canadian students.

Questions? Please contact...

Kim Hexter
604-786-7865 /

Willie Cromack
604-808-8547 /

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What Are you Doing In 2009?

The Legacy Lives!
Team H2V began in 2007.
Ride your bike.
Help deliver on a Promise.
Cure Juvenile Diabetes.
June 2009.

From the founders of Team H2V comes a lasting legacy - Cyclebetes 2009 (and beyond!)

Imagine -- Where five riders once relayed across Canada now there are thousands...hundreds of thousands! Where parents were once teaching lessons of making a difference and helping others, now children are leading and directing the vision!

Cyclebetes will be the biggest cycling event Canada has ever seen. The Cyclebetes team is very close to unveiling the multi-faceted program. Watch for it because it’s your turn to make a difference. The bigger the team; the bigger the difference we can make. Every person can be a HERO.
  • Be a part of a Canada's biggest national relay.
  • Join hundreds of schools as they organize and participate in a Cyclebetes 24 hour spin-a-thon or lap-a-thon.
  • Help kids host their own Cyclebetes lemonade stand. Empower children nationwide.

Cyclebetes is the power of one at is absolute finest. One change in your life, one lemonade stand, one hour on your bike, one job that needs to be done, one ride you think you could never do but you finish for you, one heart reaching out to another, and one Herculean effort to make it happen at all costs.

The power of one combined with the power of thousands.
We will deliver on a promise.

We need your help.
  • Provincial liaisons: people willing to organize and execute
  • Community liaisons
  • Cyclists
  • Bike shops to deliver and execute events
  • Logistics coordinators
  • Sponsors
  • Schools: champions parents and teachers to lead the kids to glory
  • And much more...

In September 2007 Team H2V proved ordinary people can do extraordinary things.
Now it’s your turn -- Cyclebetes 2009.

Can you help us? What are your strengths?
We need You. Join our team today by calling or emailing:

Willie Cromack
CEO Cyclebetes
Phone: +604.986.5534
Mobile: +604.808.8547

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