Youth Ambassador

BORN: 1995

WORK: Grade 7 Student – Collingwood School

PLAY: I love to spend as much time as possible with my horse Mickey. He and I are best friends. When I am not riding I like to play Field Hockey and Track and Field. Or just hanging out with my best friend Ainsley.

INSPIRATION: My dad and his 4 friends that are riding across our country for JDRF.

SOUNDTRACK: Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison, Shakedown – Akon, Umbrella - Rihanna

TOP 5:
1. Getting my new insulin pump
2. Winning Ribbons in horse competitions
3. Doing well at school
4. Traveling with my family
5. Getting a new bike.

MESSAGE: I am so proud of my dad, his team of riders and friends that are helping us ride across Canada. I know that we will find a cure soon and all the type 1 kids and me will start to live a normal life with out having to worry about managing our disease.

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Ride Captain

BORN: 1971

WORK: President, Innovative Fitness

PLAY: Accomplishing things I’m not supposed to.

INSPIRATION: The feeling you get at the end of an challenging journey.

SOUNDTRACK: Creed, My Sacrifice.

TOP 5:
1. 36 hour Adventure Race
2. Hiking the Grand Canyon
3. Ironman Canada
4. New York Marathon
5. Test of Metal

MESSAGE: H2V is an opportunity to fulfill a dream of riding across the country with great people, while benefiting a population born to a disease needing a cure. It is that simple.

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BORN: 1974

WORK: Events Manager & Professional Coach, Innovative Fitness

PLAY: High-octane sports and exploring the globe for me please!
Inspiration: Witnessing a great leader, being part of a team and the freedom of choice.

SOUNDTRACK: Electronica, Hip Hop, Drum and Bass, Reggae

TOP 5:
1. Hiking the Himalayas
2. 1 day Seattle to Portland road ride
3. Multiple 10km runs
4. Grass roots 100km road rides
5. Skydiving

MESSAGE: I have always enjoyed both working with a team and achieving personal goals. H2V will be a powerful combination of both. Riding across my country for a cause that is close to my heart will be a great honour.

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BORN: 1972

WORK: Principal, John Henry Bikes
Principal, Hire Me Ltd.

PLAY: Anything outdoors that keeps me moving my body.

INSPIRATION: Seeing someone overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles to discover their true potential.

SOUNDTRACK: Bob Marley, Trenchtown Rock and Lively Up Your Life

TOP 5:
1. Playing soccer for the under 21,
Canadian National team
2. Road to Mexico with my family
3. Winning the Premier’s Athletic
Award Scholarship
4. Co-authoring Hire Me. (2006)
5. Being nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year in 2002

MESSAGE: From the riders’ ambitions to the dreams of the charity itself, it will be a joy to see such grand goals realized. I want to do all I can to see that every child grows up feeling that they live in a world of promise. I commit 100% to making the ride, donations and sponsorship an unprecedented success.

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BORN: 1970

WORK: Shoe Salesman/Event Manager
Owner – North Shore Athletics
President – Run The North Shore Event Management

PLAY: Riding my bikes (all 6 of them), Snowshoeing, Skiing ( all types), Wave Pool with Family, Playing with Dog.

INSPIRATION: My daughter Kallym who is 4 1/2. Anyone who is out doing what they love to do.

SOUNDTRACK: Anything with the Foo Fighters or Lincoln Park

TOP 5:
1. Iron Man x 3
2. Won Entrepreneur of the Year in 2002, Nominated for Best Employer in 2006, Nominated for Best Business in 2006, 2001 and 2004.
3. Sea 2 Summit with my friends x 5
4. Daughters first day on Skis with me
5. Losing 30 pounds when I met my wife

MESSAGE: I want to ride as hard as I can and raise as much money as I can, for the families that have to deal with JD every day. I am one of those people that can’t stand seeing children in distress. Everytime I see a Childrens Hospital commercial I cry.

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BORN: 1963

WORK: President , Myron Advertising & Design

PLAY: Hitting the beach, the road, or the mountain. The bigger the challenge, the better.

INSPIRATION: Taylor, my 11-year old daughter. Like other parents of Type One children, I am weary of living with the fear that my child may not wake up one morning. I want a cure before my daughter turns 18.

SOUNDTRACK: Johnny Cash, Ring of Fire

TOP 5:
1. Two day adventure race - solo
2. Windsurfing the North Shore of Maui
3. Marathon and 1⁄2 Ironman
4. Cycling up Haleakala Creator, Maui 0 – 10,000 ft
5. Ice climbing Professor Falls – Rundle Ridge in Banff, Alberta

MESSAGE: I would like to thank everyone in advance for making this event such a huge success. Organizing and training takes a significant time commitment so I would also like to thank my family, friends and business associates who have all been generous in affording me the time to do this.

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Support Rider

BORN: 1983

WORK: Marketing Director, North Shore Athletics

PLAY: Long rides on the bike involving sunshine and coffee.


SOUNDTRACK: Scratch Perverts – Essential Mix

TOP 5:
1. Tour de White Rock win
2. Duathlon Nationals
3. Science degree
4. Surviving Dan Proulx’s training camp
5. Family Vacations

MESSAGE: Helping 5 close friends and athletes ride across Canada will be a tremendous honour to me and in the process finding a cure for Juvenile Diabetes I cannot ask for any more.

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